in the living lab
A Living Lab involves the possibility for users to participate in the project and to create its  productsThe key players of the living lab are mainly the students of the two schoolssubject to the energy monitoring, in Verrès and TurinHowever, the project involves a large number of users who can participate in the improvement of the application: it is possible to access the application from the dedicated website and understand how the monitoring system works. The website can also allow users to do moredepending on the type of user.
each user HAS their own living lab
The scientific user (student, researcher, teacher) has the possibility, after logging in, to see the collected datato analyse it and upload elaborations, articles etc. related to the issues of the project, onto the websiteThe institutional user has the opportunity to see all the consumption data and to calculate costs, even to upload past invoices and make forecasts on the basis of estimated consumption. In any case, anyone can improve the application: whoever is interested in the project and wants to contribute their opinion can complete the online survey or make suggestions through the Facebook page
beyond the school, inside the COMPANY
This project aims to overcome the idea that the Living Lab finishes or that it is realized exclusively during the project. The activities of the people involved, especially the students, can be valuable beyond the end of the project. For this reason, the project allows internships in the companies involved, training workshops on specific issues particularly appreciated by ISITP and Polytechnic studentsand calls for ideas focusing on communication and the monitoring system, rewarding students' creativityThe Living Lab is not only an opportunity to improve the product of the project, but also an important opportunity for growth and professional training for students.
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